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The O'Keefe Family Cookbook


The Coast

A family legacy

The O'Keefe family has lived on the Gulf Coast since the mid-19th century, refining and passing down recipes and tips from generation to generation.

In 1994, Rose Annette O'Keefe, matriarch to 13 children, published "Cooking on the Coast," a cookbook that ranges from Creole dishes such as gumbo and jambalya to Deep South mainstays such as fried green tomatoes and pickled okra. For "depth of flavor," she included family pictures, reminisces and ancedotes.

The updated and revised version of the cookbook, released in 2016, refreshes the folksy original with additions such as fish tacos, salsas and chipolte-lime cornish hens. All sales proceeds go to benefit Coast arts, culture and children's programs via The O'Keefe Family Foundation.



"... like sitting at a friend's kitchen table, sharing a love of family and swapping recipes."

Andrea Yeager, managing editor and food editor of The Sun Herald

Pages: 238  Size: 6"x9" BW Interior; Comb spine. 

Recipes: 278  Images: 86

Publisher: Wimmer Cookbooks, an R.R. Donnelley Co: 

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"The O'Keefes are into f-l-a-v-o-r."

Kat Bergeron, The Sun Herald

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